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Angel screeched as she felt Paul take hold of his rigid tool and begin to stroke it. The throbbing excitement he was feeling flooded her own synapses, each stroke he made was a deep mental thrust into her own slippery pussy. Her right hand flew down to her soft, raised mound, her fingers diving between the swollen, wet lips and sliding into her dark hot depths, crying out in abandon as she felt her brother’s lance swell and slam into her receptive cunt.

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Paul gave out a low groan as he felt his own invasion, her insides pierced by the rock hard flesh of his penis. She had told me that the feeling was incredible, and stimulated her differently and a lot stronger than when her pussy was fucked. She just said the pain afterward was excruciating and she wasn’t sure she could do it again. She said she hoped I wasn’t too disappointed in her. Faster and faster Paul pulled his meat whilst his blonde babe Angel Smalls increased the invasion of her own fingers inside herself. Their bodies began to jerk to the demands of the other. Both were being raped by Paul’s dick whilst both could feel Angel’s hot ass greedily grasping the invader, closing on it like a wet slippery vise, and that’s how hardcore sex on xxx couch is done.

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